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Election Season: How to Find the Teachable Moments

How to approach discussion about the election in the classroom.

From Psychology Today:

Watching A Bird Die

The Paradox of Learning to See Death as a Part of Life.

An Existential Take on Cell Phones

Freedom, Anxiety, and Choice battle it out in the palm of my hand.

Do We Ever Really Say Goodbye to Those We Love?

Love, loss, and bird-watching in the rain forest of Belize.


Interview on the Bill Newman Show out of Northampton, MA, Sept 15th

Bill asked some great questions about my novel, the Sixties, being a therapist, and helping vets today. Here's a link to the podcast:


Book Reading and Discussion, Broadside Books, Northampton, MA, Sept 17th

Book Reading at Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA,  Aug 26


Will you be in Colorado Springs in August? So will Sam...


Going to be in Chicago in July? Hear Sam speak...


The Osherson Fellowship to Fielding in Santa Barbara


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For over thirty years, I've been researching and writing about the complexities of adult life. We each have roles and responsibilities to live up to: how do we do that while still being individuals who can express our own unique experience of the world? How do we keep hope and vitality alive? Can we be our most authentic selves?

As a psychotherapist and educator,  I've had the privilege of listening in detail to people talk about the creative and profound ways they navigate the confusing, conflicting, scary yet enlivening possibilities of life. I am fascinated by the challenge of transforming our chosen  roles into real relationships.

I am a psychologist who writes both fiction and nonfiction. My latest novel, The Stethoscope Cure,  explores how a young psychiatrist, deeply wounded, heals himself by learning to listen  to his heart  and respond to those who need him,  not with a medical instrument but with his own humanity.

What others are saying about the novel: 


"Sam Osherson explores what it means to fall apart and become whole with rare precision and grace. Wrenching, honest, and shot through with moments of great humor, The Stethoscope Cure deepens and enlarges our understanding of what it means to be alive. Osherson's love for his characters is contagious, and the generosity and wisdom of his vision are a gift. This is a beautiful, riveting novel."
- Abigail DeWitt, author, Lili and Dogs.


“I  literally couldn't put this novel down and zoomed through the last 60 pages. A powerful, moving and thoroughly absorbing recreation of the turbulent times that were the late '60's.  Osherson vividly captures the Vietnam War's effects on soldiers as well as on those attempting to treat them.  I was reminded often of the men I interviewed for my book, their suffering, their painful memories . A potent mix about times we need to remember, being played out again now with this generation.”
- Tom Weiner,  Author, Called to Serve: The Stories of Men and Women Affected By The Vietnam Draft